Who Are We


About Azmon Nimrod Consulting

AZMON NIMROD Consulting is a South African based People Development Consultancy. Our primary focus is Skills Development Training, Consulting and Project Management in the private sector as well as all spheres of government and organs of state. The major principal has extensive human resources, training, recruitment, skills development, policy development, transformation and project management experience, having been involved in various capacities for various clients.

Our approach to our work is premised on our understanding of our clients’ requirements. This enables us to meet client expectations, add value and build appropriate capacity for our clients to meet their compliance and other requirements ranging from governance, policy, planning to legislative requirements, of Skills Development.

We believe in giving the best value for money to our clients, providing quality advice, capacity and support throughout our association with our clients. We operate with and through a vast network of associates. We carefully select our associate partners to ensure a strategic mix and blending of experience and skill to drive client value.

Our mission is to eradicate the skills deficiency in South Africa, through effective Training and Skills Development Strategies.

Our vision is to be amongst the leaders of the People Development Revolution