While many young people are starting their journey at universities or other institutions of higher learning and others may be starting a new job, others are stuck at home and have no idea what this year holds for them. Others have been at home for over a year and are still on the unemployed queue and loosing hope with each passing day. Some have finished studying for their degrees, diplomas or certificates, and yet they also find themselves stuck at home sending CVs without any hints of acknowledgement, let alone a response.

If you find yourself faced with this situation, this is not a time to be despondent, neither is it a time to sit and do nothing while waiting for opportunities to come by.

This is the time for you to take action, and the first step is for you to do a self- introspection and find out what your strengths and talents are, and start using your talents and strengths to make money.

To many, Entrepreneurship seems complicated and far-fetched, they do not realise that all Entrepreneurship is, is using your talents and strengths and coordinating them in such a way that you are able to offer solutions to problems and make money while doing it.

The guy that washes taxis at a taxi rank is an entrepreneur, the woman that sells fruits on the side of the road is an entrepreneur, the person that owns a shop at a shopping centre is an entrepreneur, and the person that owns the shopping mall is also an entrepreneur.

What makes entrepreneurship complex and scary for most people is that everybody wants to start from the top, we all want to start as the owner of a shopping mall, we forget that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Its up to you, you can stay at home and wait for opportunities to come by or you can start your entrepreneurship journey this year with just a single step, evenwhile you’re waiting for other opportunities. There is a big chance that once you start you might never want to send that CV again…

Written By: Nozipho Ndlovu for the Issue Newspaper March 2018 SMME Bootcamp Facilitator – Azmon Nimrod Consulting